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GDPR and EU ePrivacy regulations

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GDPR regulations came into force across the EU on 25th May 2018. Is your website ready?

GDPR / ePrivacy and its relevance to your website

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the ePrivacy regulation are new EU legislation intended to provide better protection of EU residents’ personal data. Under the new legislation, any information collected by cookies and other trackers, which can identify an individual either directly or indirectly, is considered to be personal data.

The new legislation demands compliance from website owners in a number of key areas related to cookies and other tracking technology including:

  • the requirement for you to be fully up to date regarding all tracking technology on your website
  • the need for you to obtain and prove users’ consent to cookies, as well as to enable withdrawal of consent
  • the requirement to hold back tracking technologies until user consent has been given (except in the case of “necessary” technology, as described in the legislation)
  • full knowledge of the data your website shares with third parties and where in the world it is sent

IT Trust compliance software enables all this…and more.

Scans for all known tracking technologies

IT Trust scans for all known tracking technology including cookies, web beacons and ultrasound beacons, detecting approximately 33% more trackers than most of our competitors.

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Monthly scan and report

On average, at least 30% of tracking technology changes each month. IT Trust scans and reports monthly on changes to tracking technology on your website and identifies data sharing activity.

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Cookie consent banner

IT Trust embeds a ‘prior consent’ banner onto your website so that users can give their consent before cookies and other tracking technology is enabled. This is a unique feature of IT Trust, not often found in competitor software.

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Cookie consent logging

Every user consent is automatically and anonymously registered and stored on IT Trust’s secure servers, providing you with tangible proof of compliance.

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Withdrawal of consent

Website users can easily withdraw cookie consent on your website simply by clicking on a consent withdrawal banner positioned in a place of your choosing.

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Automatic cookie policy page

IT Trust automatically generates an updated cookie policy page every month, confirming the specific tracking technologies active on your site.

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The benefits of using IT Trust compliance software

All in one solution

IT Trust helps you achieve GDPR and ePrivacy compliance in one easy to install, cost effective, fully automated solution. Installing IT Trust on your website gives you the reassurance you’re taking appropriate steps to meet legal requirements and protect the personal data of your users.

Support for DPIA decision

IT Trust’s extensive reporting system provides the information needed to assess whether a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is required.

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Simple to set up

Once you sign up, we provide you with 2 scripts to add to your website which enable IT Trust software to be installed. It’s that easy! All we need is your domain name.

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Competitive advantage

90% of websites ‘leak’ personal data via trackers, potentially enabling your competitors to identify and target your visitors themselves. IT Trust identifies the cause of any leak so you can disable the technology, if necessary, in order to maintain your competitive advantage and comply with legislation.

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